Friday, September 4, 2009

How did all this get started anyway?

After what must be 3 years or so now, I give to you the first interesting print my 4 year old son found out in the brush. I do not have any excuse as to why I only have the one print show, other then I did not see any other print on the trail and I was pretty green in the field. It measured at about only around 10-11 inches at the length- and I gauge that by the size of the whistle- It is only a sloppy guess! I have no clue as to the width.
If it was a bear or human, it is interesting as well. The time of year was about early Feb. and the place it was found could have been trailed by either known natives to the area. However, given the time of year, most bears should be hibernating and for a hum to be laying down there barefoot in the middle of cold icy mud puddle is fairly weird.
That leaves me to think it is a hoaxed print,"given the fact it is a single print", and or something else.
I leave this print by my computer for a reminder to always keep a look out on the forest floor. I need to get back out there.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Checking Bait Station in Research Area

So I headed up to the research area last week. I thought it would be something I would have to do alone eventually, and it was. That's allright with me. For the most part my schedule is pretty uncertain and I understand this makes going in pairs a little harder.
To my surprise I was pretty shocked to find the fist bait station without using my map or notes. It was all locked into my brain. It was like 4 weeks was only 4 hrs.
I parked my car and headed up the marked embankment. Once I started up the hill, I could already see signs of animals on the game trail. I remembered pretty quick just how many footsteps it took to get up the stump where we left the jar of Jiffy.
The jar was totally gone. There were no signs of it being opened at the scene or that it had been rolled away by weather. It had been taken by something that can open its grip or mouth to about 5 inches.

I decided to look around for any evidence of foot tracking or DNA at the scene. I walked the game trails and sat down in the middle of the forest for a while. I felt as thought leaping to any conclusions outside of known predators, including human, was a thought I had to deal with. I sat down beside the stump and decided what to do next.
I reached into wallet and pulled out a picture of me and my son. It is a regular wallet size photo of us dressed up on Halloween. If something comes by and takes this photo. If something sees this photo framed by twigs and guarded by branches and still removes this photo, what if anything will that mean as far as what is roaming this area. Granted a game cam would end all this fuss and guessing.

Oddly enough this costume shows me in werewolf makeup. Maybe the hair and teeth will come as a welcomed change of pace.

This again is very remote private property!

After I drove off from the first bait station, I had to travel 45 minutes east and to the infamous hanging coconut. If you watch the video I have posted on the blog, you can see just how ridiculous the process was of me trying to hang it.
It was untouched and hanging just as I had left it. I decided to take down the bait and open the coconut and throw it in a mesh bag. I then hung it from the string and drizzled out the coconut milk on the side of a hill. I left the bait on the side of the hill in hopes to see what would be walking up to it. The hill is very easy to see footprints on and whatever takes it will probably leave a print. Here is a larger picture of the coconut hanging from a nearby stump. The bottom picture is a close up view of just how this done. fairly crude and I am as you know just a novice.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Down to the Depths 100 ft. plus

I made it to the H.H. - secret name for a secret spot. Making the climb down was never going to be a solo option. Took a fellow researcher out of Eugene that likes to fly low under the public radar- but he has all the climbing gear, and thus he was the best squatcher for the job.

It is very hard to get the scale in these photos here. We where bot so exhausted by the time we made the descent into the musty pit.

It is a 1.4 mile long, about 75 feet wide at its largest point and very spooky. We did not find anything worth reporting as far as BF, but we did find some interesting scratch marks on a boulder by a cave. There seemed to be a row of 5 deep scratches made into the boulder. Think perhaps a large kitty made this.
The walls of this particular geographical split have been dividing themselves for thousands of years. You can see large boulders the size of minivans dwelling along the bottom. I really should have taken more photos. Guess there has to be a H.H. part II!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Biolum Article

Next time that someone says that you're glowing, check that they don't mean it literally. Researchers in Japan have finally managed to prove the existence of the human body'sbioluminescence with these first-ever pictures of the body's natural shine.

Japanese researchers Masaki Kobayashi and Daisuke Kikuchi from the Tohoku Institute of Technology, along with Hitoshi Okamura explained the story behind these wonderful images:

The human body literally glimmers. The intensity of the light emitted by the body is 1000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eyes. Ultraweak photon emission is known as the energy released as light through the changes in energy metabolism. We successfully imaged the diurnal change of this ultraweak photon emission with an improved highly sensitive imaging system using cryogenic charge-coupled device (CCD) camera. We found that the human body directly and rhythmically emits light.

Apparently, the amount of light we emit - while always staying around a thousand times weaker than the eye can see - changes depending on the time of day, and goes in 24-hour cycles; we are at our brightest in the afternoon, and dimmest in the evening. Perhaps surprisingly, the amount of light emitted by our bodies doesn't correspond to the amount of heat given off, and thermal imaging provides entirely different visual results than the hyper-light-sensitive cameras.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Patty in the Wind

The emotional context of what Patty might have been leaving in her now-famous Bluff Creek dash, has always struck me as far too heartbreaking to consider....but I must!

The following is an attempt to gain perspective on just how deep the hurt goes, when the love of your life leaves you for fame, fortune, and the googling eyes of 2 saddle-bound cowboys.

Enjoy my take on how the maleSasquatch of Patty's life was left to a world of utter sorrow and sudden single-parenting.

"Sas in the Wind"

She was tall and lean….
Patty had a certain grace, in our nestin' place,
We could hide there so we would not be seen.
Her red eyes locked on mine…
Gave me a loud wood knock, around the clock,
I thought you would love me in the forest for all time.

And this Squatch don’t know, where broken hearts go, are you just playing hide-n- seek?
I’m hanging in a RedWood, since you left me, in old Bluff Creek.
Our Juvies still ask about you, but I don’t know what say?
I guess my Patty’s happy now, since she bi-pedaled away……..

I still smell your musky scent……
It was the morning dew, mixed with poo,
Oh the aroma made me whoop when I caught a hint
Don’t migrate away…..
Heard ya made a short film too, with some cowboys who,
Just used you, for your giant foot display

And this Squatch don’t know, where broken hearts go, are you just playing hide-n- seek?
I’m hanging in a Redwood , since you left me in old Bluff Creek.
Our Juvies still ask about you, but I don’t know what say?
I guess my Patty’s happy now, since she bi-pedaled away……..
Since she bi-pedaled away…………

BIGFOOT AIR Sunday's at 7p.m. Pacific

I am going on my 2nd month of airing a local internet radio show on, dedicated to Sas stories. Thus far, for a juvi in the area of radio production and Sas research I am fairly happy with the progress.

I have changed some things here and there along the way, but over all it is a fun ride with some interesting guest.

Booking guest so far is the most challenging area, not only as it relates to not being fully in the loop with a cast of colorful personalities, but the reaction of those whom are local to wanting to come forward and on record.

Lets see what pans out with this experiment.

2nd good report from research area

Lane County
$^% Mountain School Road in $%^#$^, Oregon

My mother saw Bigfoot in June of 1983. Our family went swimming in Oregon and we all started feeling uneasy, like we were being watched. I know it sounds overly dramatic, but it is true. We had our Doberman with us and he was acting strange. When we were swimming we heard a loud splash in the creek. Then we heard trees breaking. In fear it was a black bear my father quickly ushered us into the truck. My sisters and I sat in the back of the truck. My father drove very fast on the old logging road. Then suddenly we almost came to a stopped. Right where another logging road crossed the road we were on. My dog nearly jumped out and all of us kids grabbed him. Which focus our attention eastward down the other logging road. Suddenly, my father stomped on the gas and sent us kids (and dog) sailing against the tail bed of the truck. He never let up on the gas until we were about five miles away and we stopped at a store. Mother jumped out and said, "Did you kids see it? It was bigfoot!!"

My father quickly told her to lower her voice, but my father never said he had seen anything. In fact, for years my father denied or remained silent about our encounter. Just recently, my father broke down and said, "I just wanted to get my family somewhere safe. Away from it." My mother said that Bigfoot was just calmly walking down the logging road, kicking gravel, as if he was bored. She said he slowly looked up and saw us and looked back down to the ground.

Sometimes, I wonder if my dog was not trying to get away from it. Trying to jump out the opposite way Bigfoot was walking. I truly believe Bigfoot did not intend to hurt any of us. He would have clearly had his chance when we were swimming. He did throw something in the creek and broke many trees. I believe his way of saying this is my home you need to leave now. He didn't seem aggressive when we passed him on the logging road, according to my mother's account, just the opposite. I wonder if he was just relieved we were leaving. All I know is that he gave my mother, father, and my dog the biggest scare of their lives. My sisters and I sometimes are disappointed we didn't get to see the creature. We were busy wrestling with a dog and being slung around like rag dolls in the back of a truck. But maybe one day I will see him and I will probably be just as terrified as mom and dad. Then again, who knows?

I gave my mother your phone number but I am not sure if she or my dad will call. I did get a description from my mother. Height: a little over 6 feet; very muscular, brown hair all over, but when sun hit it reddish highlights were seen, arms hung below its knees, fingers were real long making legs look somewhat stumpy, it was very stocky. I ask her to estimate it's weight she said, "good lord I don't know, I weigh 190 lbs and I would have looked like a kid next to it, bigger than any human I've ever saw." She said its face looked more human than apelike. It had deep set eyes, very wide nose (nose had no hair on it), and there was hair from the cheekbones down covering everything except the nose. It walked upright like a man. She said it did not seem aggressive. I asked her since it did not look like an ape did it look like a Neanderthal man. She said no, it was not as ugly as a Neanderthal it looked like a hairy man.